Lightning Force Supporting Running Events

Generally speaking, on most Saturday mornings throughout most neighborhoods across the USA, we find many running events such as 5K, 10K, or marathon events. Lightning Force is rapidly becoming a “house hold name” among many of these participants everywhere. Lightning Force energy gums and chews are a perfect fit for any person that wants that little extra boost of energy to help them finish the event. It is the perfect storm of energy designed to provide you with 20% more energy enhancing ingredients, little to no sugar or sodium, no crashes, fast acting, easy to carry with you while you are running, and cost less than a dollar per serving. LF has many runners using their products right now and you could take advantage of them as well. Lightning Force will be participating in numerous running events by giving away FREE samples to participants in these events as long as supplies last. Ask your representatives if Lightning Force can be a part of your next running event. Send us an email at:

Also, ask us about our 20% donation to your next running event. We’ll see you at the finish line…

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