Generally speaking, on most Saturday mornings throughout most neighborhoods across the USA, we find many running events such as 5K, 10K, or marathon events. Lightning Force is rapidly becoming a “house hold name” among many of these participants everywhere. Lightning Force energy gums and chews are a perfect fit for any person that wants that […]

If you haven’t tried our amazing Energy Gums and Chews, you are missing out totally. Great for all runners whether it is a 5K, 10K or a marathon. If you are a gym rat and always in the gym, you must keep those gums and chews in your bag while there. Less than a $1 per […]

RC Collett – Golf Professional, Life Member PGA “My introduction to the Lightning Force Chews was over four months ago. They have proven to be an outstanding source of dependable, sustainable energy without worry or concern of experiencing a rapid up-surge of energy nor awaiting for some sort of energy crash. Most importantly, too, I […]

Can Drinking Coffee Slow Aging? Catch a buzz from the latest research by Patrick Kiger, AARP, January 23, 2017|Comments: 32 GETTY IMAGES The more caffeine older people took in, the more protected they were against chronic inflammation. Drinking coffee may help protect older people against inflammation, the underlying process for many age-related diseases, Stanford University […]