Russ Anderson – Strongman USA

“I have literally transformed myself from a quite mediocre person to a world class athlete. The energy I need to train, focus, perform and win comes from Lightning Force Energy Chews & Gum. Three(3) short years ago I severed my L4L5 Disk in my back.
For all intent and purpose my athletic career was over as I atrophied & languished unable to even feed myself or walk to the bathroom. After bottoming out and finding myself both skinny & incredibly weak I came to a decision. It was that I’d not be able to have my situation repaired by doctors, chiropractors or surgeons! I’d start walking to the front door, bathroom, kitchen & bedroom regardless of the weakness, pain or numbness.
Soon I was walking a block, then a mile, then two miles, six miles. Then I headed back to the gym. I bench pressed, overhead pressed, squatted & dead lifted the Olympic bar(45 lbs.) with zero weights on it. Then I added 2.2 lbs plates, 5 lbs, then 10 lbs, then 25 lbs, 35 lbs and then 45 lbs. Two 45 lbs. plates per side, then three 45 lbs. plates, four plates and 5 forty five pound plates until I was actually stronger than I was before my devastating injury.
Numbness in my Right legs shrunk from a one(1) foot area from my ankle to my knee to a six(6) inch area to a one(1) inch area where it remains today. Almost gone!! Since I’ve Farmer Walked 375 lbs. per hand for 50 ft, I’ve Super Yoked 1,000 lbs.(a half tone) the same weight carried at The 2015 World’s Strongest Man Championship in Malaysia. I’m truly better, stronger and faster than I was before my injury!
How did I focus, energize, perform and improve on all those days and nights when I wanted to just stay home, seated or rest?? How did I do it and continue to do it today?? I used and continue to use Lightning Force Energy Chews & Gum because I don’t know of a better product on earth!!”